Bathroom and Kitchen remodeling is all we do...

And we do it WELL!  Every bathroom or kitchen we create is a work of art which can be showcased in your home for at least thirty years. Our designer will help you create the remodel of your dreams. We have solutions for any problem, from limited storage to cramped quarters, and we will do the impossible. Many times, people may feel discouraged when contractors can not adhere to their special requests and needs, but Budget Bath does not believe in the word "impossible"! We welcome and honor special requests - No matter what it is, We Can Do It.


Bathroom Remodeling Features Explained

So you have seen that we are unique in what we do, but you don't know all of the details yet. Let's go through the features that we can add to make your remodeled bathroom a unique work of art.


Custom Cabinet Creations


One of our most notable products that we create for our bathroom remodeling jobs, are custom cabinets. They are built to order and add a lot of character to your bathroom. We can include secret compartments for your personal and private items, or we can keep it a simple and beautiful addition to the room. Some customers are surprised by the cost of building a custom cabinet, but rest assured it is of the highest quality and will be a hand-crafted original.

Custom bathroom cabinet

The first step in the process is to design the cabinet to match the style of the bathroom. Then, with select pieces of pine or oak, we carefully cut and assemble it as planned in the design layout. Next, we sand every nook and cranny for the smoothest finish possible. After that, we decide whether to stain-and-lacquer or prime-and-paint the bathroom cabinet. The result is a one of a kind piece in your bathroom.



Unique Tile Design     



Another prominent feature of our bathrooms is the tile and tile design. With our custom bathroom remodeling services, you get some of the most creative tilers in the industry. Look at the photo to the right. When doing this custom mosaic, we called Mr. Dave House, the owner of Budget Bath, "Dave-inci". We create elegant tile designs in every bathroom, and will gladly and skillfully execute any design you want.

After we WOW! you with all our customizations, go ahead and check out our gallery for more inspiration!




Custom Recessed Wall Storage

Our rewallstoragecessed storage units cover two types of products. One being the recessed linen cabinets, and the other being tiled niches. If your bathroom remodeling project is for a small bathroom, then obviously, storage is a concern for you. We are fully aware that small bathrooms cannot afford a clumsy cabinet jutting out from the wall. For that purpose, we have our custom-made recessed linen cabinets. These solid wood cabinets are of the highest quality and are designed to fit your wall. Very similar to our Custom Cabinets, the recessed linen closets go through the same process of careful design, creation, and finishing work that make it an asset to your bathroom, thus adding to the qualities that make your newly remodeled bathroom a work of art.

Then we have tiled wall niches, which add a lot of character to a bathroom and eliminate the need for glass shelves or hanging shower caddies. We can do various designs with these niches, and make sure they stand out and get a lot of attention from your guests.

These two recessed storage solutions will further enhance your remodeled bathroom, and all your guests will be anxious to know who designed and installed it. And you will proudly say, "Budget Bath, of course!"



 Custom Paint        


Bathroom Remodeling Features Explained

Many bathroom companies tend to overlook a key component of the bathroom - the paint job. The wrong choice in paint color and paint style will evoke a lackluster response from your guests, rather than awe and amazement. Your bathroom remodeling project is important to us. We surpass other bathroom renovators in our attention to details, both large and small, including the paint. We use special Benjamin Moore paints that are infused with mold inhibitors to protect against 'moldy wall syndrome'. We also leave the paint for the walls and ceiling with our customer for their added value.


Custom Shower Pans

 custom bathroom shower pan

Our custom shower pans consist of poured concrete which is overlayed with tile. They are the longest lasting showers available.  It does add to your renovation cost, but it increases the longevity of your remodel. When considering cost, understand that it includes quality.  Quality is worth paying for. There is much truth in the saying that you get what you pay for.