Why should you choose Budget Bath for your MD bathroom remodeling project?

Budget Bath Is Among the Highest Rated Bathroom Remodeling Companies On Angies List!

...A bold claim, we know, but the Truth is that we have the highest rating in Price, Quality, Responsiveness, Punctuality, and Professionalism.

Budget Bath is an A+ rated company by

the Better Business Bureau (BBB)



Budget Bath has won the SuperService award in 2009!

Budget Bath has won the SuperService award in 2010!

Budget Bath has won the SuperService award in 2011! 

Budget Bath has won the SuperService award in 2012!

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Why Else?


Company Comparison...


We use are own trained employee's. The only subcontractor we use is our electrician who we've worked with for years. So again we use our own employees. Many companies sub major parts of  your bathroom  out to people subcontractors they may have known less than a year. 

Our employees are renovating just bathrooms every day compared to other contractors who spend their time doing a little of everything, and may not have completed a bathroom renovation for 6 months or more! Logically a team of professional bathroom renovators will have better techniques and installation strategies. They will also make less mistakes and be prepared to do an excellent renovation. It's a fact! Our credibility guarantees your success. This experience shows in the field. 

Price Protection...

We guarantee the price in writing for almost every bathroom renovation. No extra fee's or charges no matter what unplanned 'hidden complications' we discover behind the drywall or under the floor. Our price is your price. Our pricing strategy eliminates the risk in every construction project of cost increases now that’s a safe choice.

Your salesman, designer, foreman, worker, Project manager...

Your salesman is your project manager, designer and extra hand on the installation team all in one. Owner Dave House will be involved in nearly every step in some way or form. So when you really enjoy the new tile or bathroom vanity, you know which number to call. Special requests and customization are controlled by one professional, at your convenience.

Better products...


We have special arrangements with over 20 manufacturers for tile, cabinets, mirrors, hardware and faucets. Hand made cabinets, one of a kind storage solutions custom made by our talented staff just for you. We only use Benjamin Moore's Bath and Spa. A unique blend of mold inhibitors molecularity bonded to the pigment in each color. The protection is part of the paint and not just an additive!

Design service is free!

Call us for a free estimate at 410-663-4183. You also get access to our on line catalog upon signing your agreement with Budget Bath Inc. You will get to see a range of tiles, vanities, accessories and even more!  All for your new bathroom.