We also specialize in Customized Handicapped Accessible Bathrooms!

So, how do we make a handicapped accessible bathroom? We have a unique process that leads to a perfect bathroom remodeling solution for people who are handicapped, which begins with the initial interview and estimation process. We first come in to your home and conduct a thorough interview with either the individual in need, a family member, or caregiver,  making sure we discuss the details of all particular needs. We then craft a specific plan of action to ensure that all of those needs are met, in the most affordable way possible. Below is a sampling of all the different options that we can install in your handicapped bathroom.

Walk-in Bathtubs

Walk-in bathtub

Walk-in bathtubs are one of the most popular requests in bathroom remodeling for handicapped individuals. These bathtubs are sturdy, easy to clean, and very simple to access. The walk-in bathtubs we use are of the highest quality and come with an array of options such as jets, cushions, and headrests. We care about your comfort as much as we care about your safety.




Grab Bars      

Grab Bars

Sometimes we need a little extra support when we are moving about in our bathrooms, and we are happy to offer a plethora of different grab bar options. Made of stainless steel and mounted into your bathroom wall studs, our grab bars are rust-proof, fall-proof, and pretty much, fool-proof! They come in an array of sizes, so no matter where you need them, we can make your bathroom handicapped accessable.


Seamless Shower Pans

For those navigatinShower Pang life from a wheel chair, we have come up with a great solution. Briefly mentioned above, our seamless shower pan is a custom-made, poured cement pan, laid inside of a reinforced subfloor pan. The floor joists are restructured and reinforced to angle toward the drain. There is no "curb" to try to maneuver over since the seam where the shower and bathroom floor meet is level. The angle of the floor joists and shower pan directs the water to the drain and prevents it from flooding your bathroom.

That's not all, we also make it large enough to fit both a wheelchair and an attendent. Who could argue with that in a handicapped bathroom? Plus, they are moderately priced and actually cost less than a walk in bathtub.

Bathtub Seat Additions      

Bath Seat

For those of you on a budget, there are minor additions that you can make to your existing bathtub or shower. Safety seats are an economical way to retrofit a bathroom for the personal needs of any individual, handicapped or not.


Recessed Storage Solutions

In most standard bathrooms, you have storage units that are too clumsy for anyone with a handicap. Most are over the toilet and stick out about twelve inches, or you have free-standing shelving units or external cabinets. For someone with a handicap, our recessed storage units are a great asset. These can be placed inside your shower in the form of tiled niches, and outside your shower as recessed wall storage. Also, we make sure they are installed at an appropriate height to suit your needs. (Picture shown above in the Custom Recessed Wall Storage section)